16 Channel CCTV DVR, Business Series

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16 Channel CCTV DVR

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This is the newest addition to our DVR lineup. Our Ultimate Series DVR is similar to our Ultimate (Full Size) DVR is most respects. It features the newest Dual Core Processor and is capable of recording realtime video at D1 (704x480) resolution on all channels at the same time. This state of the art DVR has most the features of our ultimate series DVR, only in a smaller form factor. The major differences are that this more compact version can record audio on 4 channels, it can hold up to 2 internal hard drives for a total of up to 6TB internal storage, and it does not hold a DVD burner. Video recordings can be downloaded through the USB to a flash drive, or through the network.

When you consider that this DVR is almost half the price of our 2U (Full Size) Ultimate Series DVR, this DVR really cannot be beat when it comes to performance for value!

This unit can record up to 704 x 480 at 30fps on all channels simultaneously. That's a total of 480fps.

Internet Firmware Upgrades USB Firmware Update Network Keyboard

Our Ultimate Series DVR features embedded Linux OS, remote monitoring from anywhere in the world, audio recording on all channels and H.264 compression. This is NOT a PC based DVR which is subject to viruses and hacking. This is a standalone unit built for only one purpose - the best quality video surveillance in the world.

The Ultimate Series DVR is the state-of-the-art in digital surveillance technology. This DVR features professional grade components and is manufactured to industrial standards. Its advanced functionality makes this one of the best standalone systems on the market today.

HDMI Video Output VGA Video Output 720p HDMI Video Output Video Matrix Output

This unit is all about versatility. With HDMI, VGA and BNC Video outputs, you can operate several different monitors simultaneously. And, with the included Matrix output, you can also run a separate monitor that can be programmed to display a completely different series of cameras! 

h.264 video compression D1 704x480 recording CIF recording resolution 30fps Recording Frame Rate

This is the highest quality standalone DVR available anywhere in the world. The Ultimate Series records real-time video at either CIF (360 x 240) or 4CIF (704 x480) resolution on every channel. That's right! This unit can record up to 704 x 480 at 30fps on all channels simultaneously. Match this capability against any other DVR on the market today and you will see why this is truly the Ultimate DVR! It is ideal for use in casinos, for license plate capture, facial detection or anywhere that high resolution images are paramount.

Graphical User Interface IR Remote Control 8 Channel Playback 

The Ultimate Series DVR is amazingly simple to setup and operate. An intuitive mouse-driven interface provides very simple point-and-click control over all functions and settings. In addition, the unit also includes an IR remote control. Up to 16 channels can be played back at the same time at the DVR, and 4 channels can be played back via the web interface or client software. It also supports 4 Channel Audio inputs for recording, which is synced with the first 4 channels of video.

Internet Explorer compatible DVR Client Software macintosh.jpg

The built-in Web server allows you to perform most every function of the DVR remotely with Internet Explorer. Client software is also included to allow you to centrally monitor multiple Ultimate Series units simultaneously. Two-way audio over the network or Internet is also standard on the Ultimate Series. So, not only can you hear what is going on, you can interact. This DVR supports up to 20 simultaneous network or Internet users on both PC and Mac. With Dynamic DNS support, it is not necessary to have a static IP address on your network in order to remotely access this DVR. This saves you money, as most ISPs charge extra for a static IP address.

email function smartphone viewing

Having the ability to remotely view your system is great, but what if you are on the road and just can't monitor your system all the time. This is no problem with the Ultimate Series DVRs highly flexible email capability. Just set up a standard POP email account and have the system email you anywhere based on any criteria you choose. Many of our customers have emails sent to their cell phone for real time alerts. You choose email triggers that you want, and the DVR does the rest.

RAID hard disk management ftp client

Storage capacity will never be a problem with the Ultimate Series DVR. Up to 2 SATA hard disk drives can be installed. RAID hard disk management keeps your data safe from hard drive failures, while FTP backup and recording functionality ensures your video is safe even if the DVR is destroyed.

USB Thumb Drive Backup PC Hard Disk Backup

Video can be backed up to a USB thumb drive for safe keeping or in the event that you must give the footage to the police. Video can also be saved right on your PC for easy access.

Mouse Operated PTZ Control USB Mouse

The easy 3D mouse operated PTZ control allows you to control any PTZ camera. Just click on the screen and drag your mouse around. The PTZ camera follows the mouse pointer so you can smoothly and accurately follow any objects of interest.

Linux operating system Digital Signal Processors Built-In Web Server Network Ready

This system runs on a rock solid Linux embedded OS, with embedded web server, and digital signal processors to bring you the most powerful network-based digital video recorder available. This high end system will provide you with everything you need other than a monitor. If you tie the system into your network, you wont even need a monitor to view your DVR.

The Ultimate Series DVR comes with an industry leading FULL 2 YEAR WARRANTY!!

And don't forget that we provide support for every step of your installation project.

**We do our best to remotely assist our customers in configuring their computer network for remote DVR viewing. However, we cannot be responsible for complex network configurations or the performance of your internet connection. We recommend that you have a broadband connection such as a DSL or Cable modem, or faster. We do not recommend using Cellular data based network devices and dish internet at the location of your DVR, since these service providers block the DVR from accepting connections to view footage over the internet.

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Warranty 2 Year
Return Policy 30 Days Return Policy

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