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iPhone and iPad Remotely Viewable Camera Systems from 123CCTV All CCTV Systems from 123CCTV come with Enterprise Grade DVRs


The DVR (digital video recorder) is the heart of a security camera system. Time lapse VCRs were the only method of video recording, but they have been replaced by these new security dvrs that allow for digital recording of cctv cameras. The digital medium allows for exceptionally high quality recording at levels selectable by the user, easy playback and fast search of recorded video.

123 CCTV DVRs are developed with latest H.264 technology and many years of research and development. They are not the half-baked consumer grade products sold on the market. All of our surveillance DVRs offer reliable recording, and many more features such as motion recording, high definition HDMI 1080p output, easy video backup to a USB drive, and remote viewing from computers, smartphones, and tablets. Our security dvr systems are universally compatible with most outdoor security cameras and wireless security cameras on the market. If you have questions, feel free to call us!

We also offer CCTV DVRs that record high definition megapixel video from IP cameras and HD SDI Cameras.

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