CCTV Cameras with Audio, 16 Camera System

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Ultimate 16 Camera Audio Camera System

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This is our cream of the crop CCTV Camera System that features loss less video recording at Full D1 Resolution. This is an outdoor surveillance solution featuring 16 of our High Resolution Outdoor CCTV Camera with Microphone along with our Ultimate Series FULL HD 16 Channel DVR with Audio Inputs that supports 16 channels of audio and video recording, and remote viewing over the internet using either a Windows PC, iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, and most Blackberry phone. 123CCTV is the only place where you will find such a high quality audio and video 16 Camera System.

The 16 camera Digital Video Recorder in this package comes with a variety of features, all of which are very user friendly. On the DVR end of this camera system, you’ll find a brand new high resolution DVR that truly exceeds expectations of today’s DVR units.  This is a top of the line DVR with full D1 playback (720x576) at 30fps per camera!  This is the best in the industry and with a brand new user interface, this DVR delivers easy to use menus, and it’s amazing time line video search feature.  No more confusing searching through hours of video footage.  With this new time line feature, you can easily pinpoint events quickly.  This DVR comes with a 2TB Hard Drive pre installed and formatted for your convenience allowing for about 1 weeks of continuous recording for all sixteen cameras.  Motion detection based recording is another important feature on this DVR. You can easily se the DVR to record video and audio only when it senses movement or changes in each video camera feed. It features sensitivity options, scheduling, and even motion-masking if you have an area that is triggering your motion too often.  On top of motion scheduling, you can schedule this DVR to manually record all the time when you need it to. This DVR also features remote viewing not only from a PC, but from most Smartphones as well.  

Picture this: You are on the go, and you receive an email text notification to your Smartphone detecting motion in front of your garage. Immediately you pull up that camera on your Smartphone! It’s a false alarm, just a pesky rodent this time, but what about next time?

Plus, you get FULL HD 1080 video output thanks to the HDMI video out on this DVR. For more info on this DVR, click here.

The outdoor color cameras with built-in microphone feature a 520 TVL resolution! That’s in both day and night time.  On top of that they have 23 infrared LED's for night vision for a minimum of 65ft in total darkness. If you have lighting outside or there are street lamps in the view, you can see even farther. These outdoor cameras have a 6mm Lens providing a 60 degree angle of view so you can see faces from right in front of the camera and all the way up to 40ft away. Of course thanks to the wide angle of view you can see large objects in the distance as well while having a wide view of your property. For more info on these cameras, click here.

DVR Features:

  • 16 Camera Video and Audio Recorder
  • REAL TIME Recording at D1 Resolution for all cameras
  • H.264 hardware codec for the best video image quality in the industry in its price range
  • Real-time Live Display/Record allows you to have full-motion fluid moving video
  • Real-time D1 Recording (30fps per camera), total 480fps, meaning your recorded video is the same quality as live video
  • Simultaneous 16 Camera Playback of recorded or live video on monitor
  • Simultaneous 16 Camera Playback of live video and 4 camera recorded video playback over internet on the PC
  • Includes 2TB Hard Drive for up to 1 week of continuous audio and video recording
  • DVR can hold up to 8 hard drives 3TB each, for a maximum of 24TB of storage
  • Selectable recording video quality levels
  • Multiplex operation allows up to 4 tasks to be done on the DVR simultaneously
  • Allows user to view live video, playback recorded video, record video, backup video, and access over network all at the same time without ever stopping recordings
  • Easy to use DVR menu for operation of the DVR featuring point and click navigation (mouse included)
  • Independent camera settings customizable for each camera:
    • Video Loss Alarm
    • Video Based Motion Detection - records video and audio when there is motion in the picture
    • Trigger of built-in buzzer alarm, log events, and inform via email
    • Email based notification on motion trigger with or without picture
  • Full feature set of controls available when remotely viewing over internet through Internet Explorer:
    • View Live Video for all 16 Cameras in one grid, or choose to view each camera in full screen mode
    • You can listen to recorded audio for each camera by playing it back or viewing it live in full screen mode
    • 16 Camera Playback - plays recorded video of all 16 cameras on one screen on DVR by selecting time of video or logged motion detect events
    • Convenient time line feature during playback of recorded video makes it very easy to surf through recorded video on the DVR
    • Backup video to a USB flash drive, external USB DVD Burner, or over internet on to your PC as an AVI file
    • Bandwidth Management for slow internet connections so smaller images are displayed faster
    • Supports up to 10 remote viewers at the same time
  • Included software allows monitoring and control of up to 32 DVRs from one location
  • Four video output options:
    • FULL HD video output via HDMI at 1080i for excellent video quality
    • VGA output at 1024x768 or 1280x1024 Resolution to connect any computer VGA monitor
    • BNC / RCA video output to connect regular TV
    • 16 Video loopouts, one for each camera
  • USB port for video backup to a USB flash drive
  • eSATA port for adding additional external storage
  • Hand Held Remote Control and Mouse Included for easy operation

Camera Features:

  • Weatherproof Infrared Color Security Camera
  • Day and Night Camera
  • Sees Color in Day Time
  • Switches to black and white at night time automatically when infrared is on
  • 65ft Minimum of Night Vision
  • 0 Lux Rating with Infrared On
  • 1/3" Sony CCD Image Sensor with 520 TVL resolution
  • IP66 Weatherproof rating to withstand rain and snow
  • 6mm Lens provides 60 degree angle of view
  • Built-in microphone allows pickup of audio from up to 60ft away
  • Easily mounted on wall using included wall bracket

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Warranty 2 Year
Return Policy 30 Days Return Policy

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