License Plate Capture Camera


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License Plate Capture Camera

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This is a true license plate capture camera that will let you get tag captures of vehicles moving up to 55 MPH at a distance of up to 100ft away from the camera. This camera can only be used to capture license plates, and not for general video surveillance. The adjustable shutter on the camera makes it possible to set the camera at different rates for the anticipated average speed of moving vehicles. For all license plate cameras we suggest zooming in as much as possible to the zone where the license plate is expected to cross; if you don't follow this then the license plate will be too small in the video view to see the numbers clearly. During the day this camera will see in color. However, this camera is for license plate recognition and will only ILLUMINATE license plates at night. We also recommed that there be no more than a 10 degree angle in both the horizontal or vertical plane to get a clean capture. Otherwise there is a chace of the plate being blurry.


  • 20X Optical Zoom 5-100mm Auto Iris Lens
  • 1/3” CCD High Resolution
  • 560 TVL Resolution
  • 0.001 Lux, Slow Shutter (Sense Speed 32X)
  • Selectable Speed Shutter 1/60 sec to 1/12000 sec
  • Super Digital Noise Reduction (SDNR)
  • ALC-Automatic Light Compensation
  • Heater Blower Weatherproof Housing for use in any weather, hot or cold
  • ASP IR Cut Filter Removeable
  • 128 High Power Intensity LED
  • Dual Power Input Possible either DC12V/AC24V 3.5A

There is an on-screen display menu in the camera that will allow you to adjust the speed of the shutter for the average speed of the vehicles. The distance from Plate to camera for optimal viewing is approximately 80ft Maximum.

Shutter Speeds:

  • 1/60(50)sec. 20mph or 30kmh
  • 1/100 sec. 30mph or 45kmh
  • 1/250 sec. 40mph or 60kmh
  • 1/500 sec. 50mph or 80kmh
  • 1/1000 sec. 75mph or 120kmh
  • 1/2000 sec. 90mph or 150kmh
  • 1/4000 sec. 110mph or 180kmh
  • 1/10000 sec. 135mph or 220kmh


  • 1x License plate camera
  • 1x 24V Power Supply
  • 1x Camera wall mounting bracket

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Warranty 1 Year
Return Policy 30 Days Return Policy

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